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ECD Chanuka!


The project "Early Childhood Development (ECD) Chanuka! – increasing access to high quality preschool education and care in semi-arid rural areas of Mbita" provides children living in the country's most marginalized regions with access to high quality preschool education that promotes their physical, emotional and psychosocial development.

Age between 0 and 5 years old is cri​tical to a child's cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Neuroscience conclusively demonstrates the critical impact that early experiences have on brain architecture. Negative conditions and experiences in the early years can have a permanent impact on all aspects of an individual's life and consequently the social, economic development, as well as human capital formation of a nation. Events in the first few years of life – and even before birth – play a vital role in shaping health and social outcomes. They establish a foundation for building human capital, since healthy and socially adjusted children are more likely to grow into economically productive adults.

ECD Chanuka project provides the children of Kasgunga Sublocation in Mbita with access to quality education and childcare though:

  • Provision of a safe environment for children which is conducive to their health and comprehensive development. We are going to erect four ECD buildings, pre-adapted to the age and specific needs of the children, fully equipped with toys and teaching materials.

  • Equipping preschool and early primary school teachers with skills in the field of preschool education and holistic care for children aged 0-8. Expert-led training, as well as regular consultation sessions and coaching will contribute to a permanent change in teaching methods in the institutions involved in the project.

  • Changing the behaviors and attitudes of both teachers and members of Kasgunga community towards issues of development, rights and needs of small children.

  • Initiating the alliance between local government and schools for the improvement of access to quality education and preschool childcare.​

The project is implemented by Education Effect Africa in cooperation with Partners Poland Foundation and funded by the Polish development cooperation programme 2014 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.​​​