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​Bridging the Digital Divide​​​

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Access to digital technologies as well as the skills, knowledge and abilities to benefit from them are the prerequisites of contemporary education. Meaningful use of new information and communication tools enhances educational, social, economic and cultural development of individuals and communities. Education Effect Africa promotes access to modern technologies in informal settlements of Nairobi and rural areas of Central and Nyanza regions in Kenya. We are providing teachers and students with ICT skills so they can take advantage of vast knowledge resources and communication channels.

Our flagship project tackling digital divide in the slums of Naiorbi is Mathare Computer Lab -  the only educational computer centre with internet access available free of charge to primary school teachers and students from Mathare. Mathare Computer Lab is entirely run on solar energy thanks to photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the building. The lab is hosting numerous ICT trainings and workshops. Teachers and students  visit the facility regularly to conduct educational research as well​.