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​Enhancing Quality of Education​​​


In the areas where we work majority of teachers do not have access to professional training opportunities whereas the schools lack basic educational resources. At Education Effect Africa we address these issues through:

Teacher training

We focus on sustained, intensive, quality teacher training and professional development. We employ a respectful approach to professional learning by offering new strategies. Together with the teachers we adapt these strategies to the context of marginalized communities.

We train teachers to strengthen their practice and encourage schools to develop a collegial atmosphere of support where teachers help one another through collaborative learning,  sharing of resources and tackling challenges together.

We support the process of interactive teaching, active and collaborative learning generally and through ICT.

Teaching and learning

Children and youth from marginalized areas have great potential to spur transformation and socio-economic empowerment of their communities. Through education, we can unlock the young people's potential to develop a sense of intellectual curiosity for self fulfillment and for the advancement of their communities at large. While education for community development and socio-economic transformation is a widely espoused goal and virtue, its attainment is tricky because learning is often abstracted from the contextual realities of the communities where the children and youth come from.

To achieve this goal, Education Effect Africa teachers are trained to relate learning to livelihoods and to find ways in which learners can make meaningful contributions to their communities through the use of ICT, agriculture and entrepreneurial activities. We focus on utilization of inquiry oriented teaching methodologies that relate to the practical needs of learners in their environment, hence learning is transferred from books and classrooms to the real world. In all our trainings we focus on the outcome of the learning enterprise; that is quality and usable learning, not just getting numbers trained.

We offer training in the following areas: quality teaching, subject matter, pedagogic content knowledge, classroom management instruction and learning processes, as well as assessment of learning outcomes.


We focus on building an enabling learning environment and increasing access to high quality teaching and learning in resource constrained areas. We do this by providing textbooks, furniture and improving school infrastructure.​