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Innovation in Education

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At Education Effect Africa we believe in continuously evolving education. Everyday new information and knowledge is discovered. This calls for equally matching methods of learning and teaching. Our program aims at delivering high quality education to disadvantaged communities through well researched, appropriate and modern methods. We want to ensure that these communities have the necessary skills to compete in the 21stcentury global economy.

Our main area of focus is integration of ICT into the process of teaching and learning. Education Effect Africa seeks to equip teachers and students with basic ICT literacy, the use of the Internet and educational software in specific subjects as one of the ways of improving learning.

We believe that exciting and effective science classes can take place at schools which do not have access to sophisticated laboratories. Involving and practical civic education can be taught even in the very heart of the slum.  We promote the use of locally available education resources and applying innovations in teaching and learning to make sure that all boys and girls have access to quality education.