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Water, Sanitation and Health


Children leaving in the informal settlements of Kenya's capital as well as remote rural areas constitute the most discriminated group of the society in terms of access to clean water and sanitary facilities. Quality teaching and learning is not possible without safe school environment that protects students health and dignity. Access to running water, sufficient number of toilets, availability of sanitary consumables (soap, sanitary napkins, toilet paper) are fundamental conditions to effective acquiring of new knowledge and skills.

Our approach to improving sanitary conditions in primary schools is threefold. First step is to provide schools with proper sanitary infrastructure: hygienic toilets, wells, and hand-washing facilities. Alongside infrastructural support we facilitate introducing health education to both students and teachers to raise their awareness about proper hygienic habits. Last but not least, we also work with school communities to create a sustainable system of provision of sanitary consumables to students.​