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​Our Values

The following values are guiding our work and relationships:

1. Accountabi​lity

We recognise our duty to account for all our actions, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner to all our partners: the funders, participants of our programs, communities we are cooperating with and other stakeholders. We are strongly committed  to strict standards of financial integrity and fiscal discipline in managing the funds.

2. Equality

We believe in everyone’s innate and inalienable dignity as human beings and equality of all people regardless of age, gender, colour, ethnicity, religion, class, nationality, sexual orientation or disability. As opposed to being a donor, Education Effect is a collaborator – all partnerships established with the communities are mutually negotiated and agreed upon.

3. Development

We believe that development of greater quality of life is possible only when all human beings have an opportunity to take charge of their lives. Our programs aim at enhancing existing potential in people and communities.

4. Professionalism

All members of our team are qualified professionals committed to deliver all assigned tasks with the highest quality possible.

5. Kaizen

The Japanese word “kaizen” means “good change”. At Education Effect Africa we strive for continuous learning and improvement. We are open to receive feedback and  utilize it. We listen to new ideas and encourage innovation, creativity and change.

6. Dedication

We believe in the power of education that allows people to take control of their lives. We are passionate about our work and ready to  go beyond what is formally required to enhance the quality of teaching and learning among the deprived communities of Kenya.

7. Environmental sustainability

High quality education and creation of safe school environments would not be possible without taking care of our planet in a sustainable way. In all our operations we are committed to mitigating negative impact on the environment. Using solar energy in our offices, limiting the amount of paper used and planting of the trees – these are some of many ways how we play our part in environmental conservation.​